Common Queries

How long do the Ranch trail rides last?

Typically its about 2 hours from the time you get to the barn until the time you dismount and complete the ride. You'll be outfitted, given help mounting, and head out.

How many people will be on the trail ride?

Typically we have 5-6 guests with 2 wranglers for safety. Contact us about different group sizes and we will try to accomodate.

What if I've never ridden a horse before?

We have horses for all abilities; and riding options that should suit you. If you're not up for a trail ride, we have arena riding, and lessons available.

Can I tip the wranglers?

Our wranglers depend on your tips. If they are entertaining, knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful, we hope you will tip them.

How many people will be on the trail ride?

Typically, we'll have no more than 10 riders, riding with 2 wranglers. The group rides will include any guests that sign up on a first come first served basis. We do have private group rides available if you'd like a smaller group, or if you'd like to ride with your family/friends exclusively.

Where can I find the Liability Waiver?

You can find the liability waiver here. All riders must complete the form prior to arriving for their ride. These forms are not available onsite.

What is the age limits on riders?

Our insurance says that all riders must be over 7 years old.